Ibérica Skateboards is a personal project born in 2010, when we arrived to Barcelona.

We design and produce solidwood skateboards, made entirely here, in the Iberian Peninsula, ensuring total involvement in the process. From sketch to concept, all the way to final product, making sure each step is covered.

 Our philosophy behind each design is based on a female concept. It could be a place, a mythlogical figure or even a human being. Each design has it’s own story, seeking imagery that’s more so inspiration, not resolution. Suggestive visuals that give input to our designs.

So this is our vision in the in the skateboarding world, we see the skateboard as an emotional object rather than just a tool.

You can visit ibericaskateboards.com to discover the project and follow our instagram @ibericaskateboards


Kiwi Bravo



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