Metaphysical Architecture

Architectural photography is about spreading a project, creating a statement, allowing what has been built to linger. It has the capability to generate an abstraction, transforming a physical structure into a metaphysical representation. It is an approach striving to establish itself as an icon; through a journey where all the limits between reality and fiction disappear.

Going further, the scale model photography is an illusion itself a synthesis of shapes, textures and light. A miniature dream of architecture which aspires to be alive.

As photographers and designers, regarding this project, we have overlooked the common requirements of an architectural process. Topics such as budget, functionality and building precedents are put aside allowing the evocation of intense sensations, producing a oneiric expression throughout the imagery.

The horizon, set as a background, is the common and yet unique element which provides realism. However, in front of it, the constructions, materials and transparencies, derive from the concept of a surreal fantasy.

The representation of these scale models, although impossible to build, guide the viewer to a utopic universe, to a frame of space and time in which we are driven by the music we listen to.

Our vision substitutes wilfully the reality of the photographed objects. The scale models were thought since the beginning of the project as ephemeral structures with an expiration date. They were not created to withstand the pressure of time, but to solely serve as the camera’s main focus and objective.

As a result, the visuals generated are the evocations of buildings, which would never exist, they are merely a product of our imagination.

Metaphysical Architecture



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